R227ea (Heptafluoropropane)

R-227ea is a colorless gas at normal temperature and pressure. As a clean, environment-friendly, high effective and low toxic fire extinguishing agent. It is used as a component in mixed refrigerating media, as a gaseous dielectric, propellant and fire extinguisher (as foam and cooling substance). It is chemically inert, non-combustible, non-explosive and low toxic. It is a stable substance in normal conditions. It decomposes on contact with open flame and surfaces with temperature of 600°С or higher, producing highly toxic products. It effectively fights fire as a “gas fire suppression substance” (GFSS) in space firefighting within 10 seconds. It does not cause metal corrosion or destruction of organic compounds, which allows treating it as a part of the group of so-called "clean gases". A gas-displacer with pressure control by manometer are required for transport it through pipelines. Alternative means of extinguishing gas – Halon 1301.


 It is particular suitable for air conditioning systems which work in high temperature environments, high temperature heat pumps, and thermal collectors.

Physical Property

  • 170.03
  • -18.3
  • 103.5
  • 2.95
  • 1.176
  • -
  • 0
  • 3300

Quality Index

  • ≥99.6
  • ≤0.001
  • ≤0.0001
  • -
  • Colorless, Noturbid
  • No Strange Stench


Refrigerant 227ea is packed in steel cylinders working under pressure, filling (charging, pumping) factor not more than 1,05kg on 1 dm3 of cylinder capacity, or in gas fire-extinguishing units (for transporting through pipes is required a gas-displacer).

The product is stored in warehouse, under a canopy or in open air avoiding direct sunlight.

All types of carriage in compliance with hazardous goods rules transport R227ea.